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Hi, I'm Ashley.

I started my journey at Texas A&M University where I received my undergraduate degree in psychology. Then I went on to get my Masters in Counseling at St. Edwards’s University.


I feel psychotherapy can be beneficial for anyone looking for a better quality of life, and strongly feel the benefit of a safe and comfortable environment to help enable clients to develop insight. My approach to therapy focuses on supporting an empowerment method to capitalize on the intelligent and profound ways one manifests their life. Using different techniques and therapies to help areas of struggle or growth opportunities. Collaboratively, we will discover ways to promote one’s inner self, including trusting the self and guiding one’s intuition. I believe in building a relationship with my clients to have a space to process current frustrations and heartache. The hope would be one would gain the tools needed to guide themselves so therapy is no longer necessary.


I utilize systemic theories and strongly believe that the family system plays a huge role in the shaping of any individual. I have a history at working at a counseling agency, inpatient treatment, career counselor at Texas State, and private practice before breaking out on my own. Gaining these different experiences allows me to have a well rounded approach to how I do therapy.





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